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Landmarks and borders of West Park ~ Special design offered for the first time at Only in CleV!!

Select your favorite t-shirt color and have the design printed for you while you shop! Also available for purchase ~ an 11 x 14, ready-to-hang canvas.

***Contact Information***

-Please use the following address for all mail correspondence. 17401 Lorain Ave. Suite # 200 Cleveland Ohio 44111-4017

-For all inquiries regarding Community Room rental please contact Elaine Staley at 216-267-3857.

-For all other general or membership inquiries, please email

****** Updated contact and book order Forms will be posted in the near future******





July 4th Parade ~ 2018

Dear West Parkers and friends,

Thank you for making a great Independence Day for us all.

Hearty greetings and cheerful crowds lining the streets painted the perfect picture of a slice of Americana, namely -West Park.

No doubt, most of you received a piece of our red, white and blue cherry candy, or one of our flyers with information about how to become a member of the West Park Historical Society – backed with a notice about our Community Room for rent.

We sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm and support and we look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for making it a day to remember!!


Historical Note:  One of our parade goers was seen seated on a row of seats from the old Municipal Stadium.  Hooray for that history sighting!